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Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee and its native home of Arabica Green Beans. Our Company was engaged to export market supply coffee for exporter for last 30 years and since 2019/2020 established as Banko Michicha Coffee Export PLC based on exporting Green Arabica Coffee from Ethiopia to Global Market. The founder and CEO of Banko Michicha Coffee, Mrs Shimeles Mekuria, have experience in processing and production of coffee for many years. Our primary goal is to supply high quality coffee beans to our customers / clients.

The company have its own drying and washing process station in Guji area. Guji area is located in southern part of Ethiopia, 450 KM away from Addis Ababa, beautifuly forested and in many ways an untouched area of the country. Guji coffee has remained a pleasant and constant back drop as people of this region, their livelihood.

The Guji area is suitable for farming, and is blessed with many regional land races of Coffee that are indiginous to the area often having grown naturally in the area for decades.

Banko Michicha is a part of Guji area, 30 km north of Kercha, having a unique, good test and flavour which is our based. Generally coffee from this region offer a balanced and pleasingly cup profile perfect for both filter and expresso.

Banko Michicha:- Variety: Heirloom process Natural. Altitude:- 1900m-2030m Taste Note:- Mandarian juice / Orange peel / Lime / Grape fruit / Black Tea Varietal : Heirloom Processing Method:- Washed Growing Altitude:- 1800m-1950m

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At Banko Michicha we have a vision to see Guji specialty coffee enjoyed by specialty coffee buyers, roasters and their consumer clients around the world.

This enables us to help Ethiopia to achieve the world wide brand recognition its specialty coffee deserve.


We try our best to produce, process and export single origin coffee from our own specialty coffee drying stations located in Kercha, Edera, Hambela Wamena and Uraga. We strongly work to operate our company on a basis of sustainable and profitable growth improving values for our coffee out grower farmers, coffee suppliers, staffs, their families and laborers.


Banko Michicha Coffee is committed to produce and sourcing single origin natural export standard Q-grade green coffee beans from Banko Michicha, Shakiso and Guji Zone. Our long-term experiences in coffee production, processing and exporting of Ethiopian coffee compels us to work with Banko Michicha coffee farmers and suppliers who share our values.

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